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Are You Unexpectedly Pregnant?

Are you pregnant? Are you scared? Are you not sure what to do? How will you tell your parents? How will you be able to finish school? What will your friends say?  What will your boyfriend say? Our pregnancy helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you answer your questions one at a time and get you the support you need to see you through your pregnancy. Call us at 888-300-5112. We are ready and willing to help you.

If you are wondering why the Gabriel Project of East Texas does not offer abortion as an option, please read on.

Baby Facts

Since Roe v. Wade (the court case that legalized deliberate abortions), thanks to ultrasounds and other technology, science has taught us a lot about babies in their mothers' wombs. It is not possible to be confused about the humanity of the unborn baby any longer. We know the truth. Therefore, abortion is not an option.

Did you know that at ten weeks gestation (eight weeks after conception), the gender of your baby can be accurately determined from a simple blood sample taken from your hand? Below are some additional interesting facts about your growing son or daughter.

21 Days

Your baby's heartbeat can be detected.

43 Days

Your baby's brain coordinates his or her movements.

8 Weeks

All of your baby's organs are functioning.

9 Weeks

Your baby has permanent, individual fingerprints.

10 Weeks

Your baby's sense of touch is developed, and she feels comfort and pain.

12 Weeks

Your baby smiles, sucks his or her thumb, and makes a fist.

While inside her mother's womb, a baby can hear and taste. In fact, some scientists believe that a baby's preference for food is determined while the baby is in her mother's womb. A baby's sense of taste isn't the only thing that is developing. Your baby is continuing to grow. Just as a five-week-old baby in her mother's womb looks different from a newborn baby, a newborn baby looks different from a five year old, a five year old looks different from a ten year old, a ten year old looks different from a twenty year old, and so on. Your son or daughter is growing and changing inside your womb just as he or she will do throughout life.