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About the Gabriel Project of East Texas

Help to mother and child in need

Our Goal is to help women choose life for their unborn child by offering encouragement, love, and practical help.

Madonna of the StreetsThe volunteer members of the Gabriel Project of East Texas see in the birth of each baby a fresh expression of God's unfailing love. They offer immediate and practical help to any woman faced with an unexpected pregnancy. We are committed to respond with love to any woman facing an unexpected pregnancy.

The Gabriel Project began in 1973 when a pastor of a Catholic Church in Texas placed a sign offering help to any woman experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. The object was to carry a message of hope and comfort to mothers experiencing fear and worry as they faced their pregnancy.

Catholic Christians have always held the Mother of God in high esteem and when the Angel Gabriel announced to her she was to be the mother of the Messiah, Mary asked, “How can this be?” But the angel told her to “Fear not! Nothing is impossible with God.” Mary responded, “Let it be done as you say."

Today our message to new mothers is the same.

“Fear not! God is with you!”  

The Gabriel Project offers a unique support system in the person of a trained volunteer who will walk along with you providing love, practical support and strength for you and your baby. You will be able to feel cherished and protected and know that a Church community is waiting to assist you with anything you need. Respect for human life, both the mother’s and the baby’s, requires each Church Community to reach out and offer assistance to those who may be overwhelmed by the decisions they must make. We offer this love and support based on the directive we have received from Jesus Christ to “Love one another as I have loved you”.