Are you pregnant— worried and feeling overwhelmed?
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The Gabriel Project of East Texas

Our mission is to respect all life—at every age, in every circumstance. This means we are profoundly committed not only to your unborn child, but also to you, the pregnant mother.

The volunteers of the Gabriel Project of East Texas understand that an unexpected pregnancy can create a crisis that profoundly affects a young woman. An unexpected pregnancy may make a woman feel like her entire future life and happiness are at stake. Her baby's future life and happiness are at stake, too. A young pregnant woman in this situation needs a friend, someone who will be there for her, listen in a non-judgmental way, answer her questions, and either provide or direct her to real help—the kind of pregnancy help a young mother might not find elsewhere. A Gabriel Project Angel can provide that support for her.

If you are pregnant and need help, please call our Toll Free Hotline

We are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All calls are confidential.

The Gabriel Project of East Texas Offers Free & Confidential Pregnancy Help

What Pregnancy Help Can We Provide?

There are many local resource agencies in your community; we will help you find and access medical, legal, adoption, counseling, Medicaid, WIC, and other resources and services as needed.

We can help with maternity and baby clothes.

We provide information to help you prepare for childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting.

Our volunteers and our churches keep you and your baby in our daily prayers.

You will have an Angel in your corner who will help you through the tense and difficult times, and yes, the wonderful times ahead.

24-Hour Toll Free Helpline


All pregnancy services are offered with strict confidentiality.

Young Mom Looking at Baby

Are you pregnant and worried or feeling overwhelmed?

Before you make a decision that can never be undone, take the time to consider the following:

Pregnant Young Mom

Whether this pregnancy was planned or unplanned, No child is unplanned in the sight of God.

No matter the challenges you face, trust that this unique and beautiful gift will be realized the moment you come face to face with your child.

Your baby’s heart has already begun to beat by the time the you miss your period and wonder if you might be pregnant.

By the tenth week, your son or daughter has identifiable arms and legs and displays measurable brain waves… And his or her face is recognizably human with physical traits of Mom and Dad.

At eleven to twelve weeks, an ultrasound can most likely determine the sex of your baby.

God is the Creator of Life. What is His plan for you? What is God’s plan for your unborn daughter or son?

Maternity is truly a gift to be treasured. No mother should feel pressured to give up this gift.

Early pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and medical care is important for both Mom and Baby.  Reach out to us today, let’s talk.

The Gabriel Project of East Texas offers free pregnancy help to pregnant women throughout East Texas.